Latex Dog Bone Shape Chew Toy

Color: Orange

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Material: TPR

Size: 34.5*16*3cm

Weight: 334g


🦴 Dual Loop Bone Shape Chew Toy: Unleash the joy with our funny dog chew toys—an adorable bone-shaped delight with dual loop style ends, featuring an interactive pull tab for enhanced playfulness.

Latex Dog Bone Shape Chew Toy1

🐾 Durable TPR Construction: Crafted from durable TPR, this dog chew toy withstands vigorous chewing, ensuring it remains intact even during intense play sessions.

💪 Sturdy Thickness for Safety: Designed with a thick and massy build, this toy guarantees safety during enthusiastic gnawing, making it an ideal choice for both tough chew dog toys and carefree play.

Latex Dog Bone Shape Chew Toy3

🔄 Enhanced Friction with Raised Thorns: Adorned with strategically placed raised thorns, the toy not only amplifies chewing enjoyment but also contributes to effective teeth cleaning.

🐶 Irresistible Chewing and Playing: Pets will be drawn to chew and play with this long 13-inch bone-shaped toy. The interactive design and sturdy construction make it suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Latex Dog Bone Shape Chew Toy2

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