Activated Bird Sound Chewy Cat Toys

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Color: Red Parrot

Red Parrot
Long-billed Bird
Blue Parrot
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  • Super soft plush
  • Native Feathers


🐦Interactive Hunt Play: Engage your cat's instincts with our chewy cat toy featuring a lifelike animal design.

Activated Bird Sound Chewy Cat Toys 3

🔋Touch-Activated Sounds: Add excitement to playtime with an insulated sound module in our interactive cat toys.

🍩Plush Luxury: Crafted with ultra-soft plush material and sterilized feathers, our toy replicates prey texture.

🍭Durable Craftsmanship: Meticulously stitched for durability, our chewy cat toys feature glue-free construction.

Activated Bird Sound Chewy Cat Toys 4

🐱Safe Play Assurance: Designed with non-toxic materials, our toys offer worry-free playtime for your cat. 🐾

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