Rubber Cleaning Tooth Dog Ball Toy

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  • Rubber


  • Diameter 7.5cm


Maintaining Your Pet's Dental Health: Dogs enjoy using their teeth through chewing activities. Providing them with chew toys can help prevent dental issues and support gum health by providing a gentle gum massage. 

dog ball toys

Protect Your Furniture: Bright and engaging toys can captivate your dog's interest, alleviating feelings of loneliness and boredom. By promoting healthy chewing behavior and keeping them entertained, these dog ball toys effectively deter them from damaging your furniture.

Teeth Cleaning and Puppy Training: Specially designed toys, crafted from advanced materials, serve a dual purpose. They help clean your dog's teeth and control the buildup of plaque and tartar as they chew, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and gum disease. These dog chew toys are also ideal for tug of war and interactive games with teething puppies.

dog ball toys

Appealing to Natural Instincts: With thicker fabric and superior stitching, these stuffing-free dog toys are more durable, making them suitable for activities like bouncing, shaking, tossing, and retrieving both indoors and in the yard. They offer hours of entertainment for your furry friend, meeting their natural hunting instincts.

Engaging Designs: Featuring cute and lifelike animal designs, these dog ball toys tap into your pet's innate hunting instincts. This not only keeps them occupied but also prevents destructive behavior in your absence, helping their teeth and gums remain healthy.

dog ball toys

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