Crawling Crab Interactive Dog Toy

Color: Turquoise

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Material: ABS


🏃‍♂ Active Playmate: Experience a 79% increase in activity with our Crawling Crab Interactive Dog Toy, surpassing other toys.
    Interactive Dog Toy

🎁 Perfect Kid's Gift: The Crawling Crab is an ideal present for kids aged 18 months and older. This electronic interactive dog toy sparks creativity and imaginative play, making it the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, and Thanksgiving.

🥫Obstacle Avoidance: Watch the cute dancing crab, equipped with infrared technology, navigate obstacles seamlessly. This feature enhances the play experience of our exceptional interactive dog toy.

🔋 Rechargeable Fun: Powered by a 3.7V battery, our musical walking crab includes a charging cable for endless playtime. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does The Crab Have Motion Sensing?

  • The Crawling Crab is intelligently engineered to halt its movement upon encountering an obstacle and swiftly alters its course, delivering ceaseless amusement for your furry companion!

How Do I Charge It?

  • Once you receive your box with the crawling crab, included inside is the USB charging cable for your convenience.

Can It Move On The Carpet?

  • Yes, the crab is able to maneuver quickly on the carpet!

Does The Crawling Crab Play Music Or Sounds?

  • Indeed! The Crawling Crab enhances the fun by incorporating spirited sounds and tunes that are cherished by dogs, providing your furry friend with hours of engaging entertainment.

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