Dog Puzzle Game Mini Gourmet Turntable Interactive Toys

Color: Pink


Style: Round

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Materials: PP Materials


🌈Stimulating Puzzle Game: This innovative toy brings a burst of excitement, engaging your dog's cognitive abilities for hours of interactive entertainment.

🎊Interactive Design: The turntable puzzle game features compartments for hiding treats, requiring your dog to strategize and rotate the sections to access their rewards.

Dog Puzzle Game Mini Gourmet Turntable Interactive Toys1

💡Mental Stimulation: The dog puzzle game encourages problem-solving skills, keeping your pet's mind sharp as they discover the art of unlocking hidden treats within the puzzle.

🎈Slow Feeding Benefits: Beyond the fun, our puzzle game promotes slower eating habits, preventing gulping and aiding digestion.

🍐Encourage Active Play: Combat boredom with interactive fun! This game stimulates physical activity, keeping your dog engaged and entertained—an ideal solution for energetic play.

Dog Puzzle Game Mini Gourmet Turntable Interactive Toys3

🦄Adjustable Difficulty: Tailor the puzzle's difficulty to your dog's skills. Adjust compartments for a personalized challenge, providing versatile entertainment for dogs of all abilities.

🎄High-Quality Construction: Crafted from quality materials, this interactive toy withstands rough play. Invest in a durable solution for long-lasting joy, ensuring a happy and entertained pup.

🥥Easy to Clean: The puzzle's easy disassembly and cleaning ensure a hygienic play environment. Effortless maintenance for worry-free enjoyment.

Dog Puzzle Game Mini Gourmet Turntable Interactive Toys2

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