HAPPY COW pet House

Size: 38*39*37cm

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  • Soft Velvet


  • 38 x 39 x 37 cm


🌈Premium Craftsmanship: Every detail, from the cow's horns to its nose, is meticulously handcrafted with exquisite precision for a truly premium pet house.

🧀Spacious Design: Give your furry friend ample room to lounge with even the largest Maine Coon cats enjoying this comfortable pet house.
🥑Easy Maintenance: The cushion is removable and washable, making clean-up a breeze, and ensuring a clean and hygienic resting place for your pet.
HAPPY COW pet House 1
🐄Adorable Cow Aesthetics: The charming cow-inspired design, complete with lifelike horns and ears, adds a playful touch to your home decor.

🍩High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable, pet-friendly materials, this pet dog house provides a cozy and lasting retreat for your furry companion.
HAPPY COW pet House 2
💎Unique and Eye-Catching: Make a statement with this unique, eye-catching pet house that's sure to spark conversations among your guests.

🎀Comfort Meets Style: Seamlessly combine style and comfort with this delightful cow-themed pet bed, a perfect addition to your pet's haven.
cute dog bed

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