Round Spill Resistant Slow Feeder Bowl

Color: Blue

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Material: ABS


🍵Gentle Eating Delight: Introducing our innovative slow feed pet bowl, featuring a thoughtful pillar design that transforms mealtime into a delightful experience. This design slows down your pet's eating pace, preventing choking, bloating, and weight issues associated with rapid consumption.

Round Spill Resistant Slow Feeder Bowl

🎁Neck-Care Oasis: The elevated structure of our elevated pet bowls acts as a sanctuary for your furry friend's neck, alleviating pressure with an optimal height of 8.5cm. The bottom is crafted with a rolled-edge groove, ensuring no crumb goes to waste and providing a spill-proof dining haven.

🎨Steadfast Stability: Equipped with anti-slip footpads, this bowl firmly grips the floor, increasing friction and minimizing the chances of spills during your pet's feasting frenzy. The intelligent design reduces the risk of overturning, creating a secure and mess-free dining environment.

Round Spill Resistant Slow Feeder Bowl

✨Effortless Hygiene: Keeping your pet's dining area clean is a breeze with our easy-to-clean, bacteria-resistant collapsible pet bowl. The smooth texture guarantees a hassle-free cleaning experience, maintaining both the hygiene and durability of the bowl.

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