Three-color Teething Dog Ball Toy
Three-color Teething Dog Ball Toy

Three-color Teething Dog Ball Toy

Color: Pack of three

Pack of three

Size: S

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  • Plush
 Size L*W*H(cm)
S 5*5*5cm
M 7*7*7cm


🌈Teething Relief: Our Three-Color Teething Dog Ball Toys are specially designed to provide soothing relief for teething puppies, helping alleviate discomfort and promoting healthy chewing habits.

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🦄Safe and Durable: Crafted from safe and durable materials, these teething ball toys are designed to withstand teething puppies' chewing and biting, ensuring long-lasting use.

🍉Textured Surface: The textured surface of the dog ball toy helps massage your pup's gums, providing relief during the teething process and promoting good dental health.

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🍌Interactive Play: Engage in interactive games of fetch and chase with your teething pup, promoting exercise, bonding, and mental stimulation.

❤Versatile Playtime: The Three-Color Teething Dog Ball Toy can be used indoors or outdoors, providing versatile play options for your pup's entertainment.

🥥Easy to Clean: These dog ball toys are easy to clean, promoting convenience and hygiene for both you and your pet.

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🥑Soothe Teething Discomfort: Help your pup navigate the teething stage with ease by providing them with the soothing relief of our Three-Color Teething Dog Ball Toy.

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