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How to Get a Cat to Scratch a Post

How to Get a Cat to Scratch a Post


Cats are known for their playful and sometimes destructive behavior. One common behavior that can be quite frustrating for cat owners is scratching. Cats scratch for various reasons, including sharpening their claws, marking their territory, and stretching their muscles. To save your furniture and keep your feline friend happy, it's essential to teach them to scratch a designated post. In this article, we'll explore effective strategies to encourage your cat to scratch a post instead of your couch.

Understanding Cat Behavior

Why Do Cats Scratch?

cat power

Before diving into training techniques, it's crucial to understand why cats scratch in the first place. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, and it serves several purposes:

1. Claw Maintenance

Cats scratch to keep their claws sharp and healthy. It helps remove the outer sheath of their claws.

2. Territory Marking

Scratching leaves both a visual mark and a scent trail, allowing cats to establish their territory.

3. Stretching

Cats stretch their muscles while scratching, providing them with exercise and comfort.

Choosing the Right Scratching Post

1. Size and Stability

Select a scratching post that is tall enough for your cat to fully extend its body and stable enough not to tip over during use.

2. Material

Cats have preferences for scratching post materials. Some prefer sisal rope, while others like cardboard or carpet.

3. Placement

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Place the scratching post in a location your cat frequents, such as near their favorite resting spots.

Training Your Cat to Use the Scratching Post

1. Positive Reinforcement

- Reward Scratching Behavior

Whenever you catch your cat using the scratching post, praise them and offer a treat. Positive reinforcement will encourage them to repeat the behavior.

2. Catnip

- Use Catnip as an Attractant

Sprinkle a small amount of catnip on the scratching post to entice your cat. Catnip can be an irresistible lure for many cats.

3. Deter Wrong Surfaces

- Cover Furniture

While training, cover your furniture with double-sided tape or aluminum foil, as cats dislike the texture. This will deter them from scratching the wrong surfaces.

4. Scratching Pads

Mushroom Cat Post

- Offer Variety

Introduce scratching pads and boards in addition to the scratching post. Cats appreciate having various options.

5. Play and Interact

- Engage with Your Cat

Play with your cat around the scratching post. Use toys to create positive associations with the post.


- Patience Is Key

Remember that training a cat can take time. Be patient and consistent with your efforts.

- Avoid Punishmentcat scratching

Never scold or punish your cat for scratching inappropriately. This can lead to anxiety and worsen the behavior.


Teaching your cat to scratch a post instead of your furniture is a rewarding endeavor. Understanding their natural behavior, choosing the right scratching post, and using positive reinforcement techniques will help you achieve success. Remember to be patient, and with time, your cat will adopt this healthy habit.


1. How long does it take to train a cat to use a scratching post?

The time it takes to train a cat varies, but with patience and consistency, most cats can learn within a few weeks.

2. Can older cats learn to use a scratching post?

Yes, older cats can learn to use a scratching post, although it may take more time and patience.

3. Should I trim my cat's claws while training them to use a scratching post?

Trimming your cat's claws can be helpful, but it's not a substitute for providing a suitable scratching post.

4. What if my cat still prefers furniture over the scratching post?

Try different types of scratching posts and materials until you find one that appeals to your cat. Some cats have specific preferences.

5. Can I use a homemade scratching post?

Yes, homemade scratching posts can be effective if they meet your cat's scratching needs and are stable and safe.

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