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How To Wash A Dog Bed

Hey there, fellow pet lovers! Ever wondered how to keep your furry friend's favorite snooze spot, whether it's a fluffy dog bed, washable dog bed, or an outdoor dog bed, squeaky clean? Join me on this bubbly adventure into the world of dog bed washing!

Prepping for the Wash

1️⃣Removing Surface Debris: First things first, I start by giving the dog bed a good shake or brush to eliminate any loose fur, dirt, or squishmallow remnants. It's like preparing a canvas before painting a masterpiece!


2️⃣Inspecting for Removable Parts: like washable dog bed or those with removable covers, are a breeze to clean. I check for any zippers, buttons, or fasteners that make the washing process easier.


3️⃣Pre-Treating Stains and Odors: Now, let's talk about those stubborn spots! I spot-clean any visible stains or odor-prone areas using pet-safe cleaners or gentle stain removers. Gotta make sure that 'fluffy dog bed' doesn't carry yesterday's muddy memories!


4️⃣Considering Bed Size and Material: For small dog bed or cool dog bed made of delicate materials, I take extra care. Reading the care instructions helps - whether it's gentle handwashing or specific temperature settings for machine washing, I follow the guidelines to a tee.


5️⃣Dealing with Seasonal Beds: Ah, the Christmas dog bed! It's all about adding a touch of festive cheer, but washing it might need special attention. I ensure to check for any decorative elements that need gentle handling or removal before the wash.


6️⃣Preparing the Washing Area: Lastly, I prep my washing station. If it's a machine wash, I choose a pet-friendly detergent suitable for outdoor dog bed or squishmallow dog bed to ensure a clean yet gentle wash cycle.

The Sudsy Soak

✔️Choosing the right detergent suitable for dog bedsno harsh chemicals for our precious pooches!

✔️Depending on the bed's care instructions, I decide whether it's a machine wash or a gentle hand wash. Most washable dog beds are machine-friendly, but for delicate or small dog beds, a careful hand wash might be the better choice.

✔️To eliminate any lingering odors, I sprinkle some baking soda or use pet-friendly odor removers. They work like magic, ensuring the bed smells as fresh as a daisy after the wash!

Rinse and Repeat (if needed!)

For a thorough rinse and repeat, toss the bed back into the washing machine, but this time, skip the detergent. Opt for an extra rinse cycle with plain water to ensure any lingering soap suds or grime are completely washed away. After this additional rinse, give it a good ol' squeeze or press to check if it's smelling and feeling fresh.

Drying Doggy Dreamland

Drying your beloved dog's bed, whether it's a fluffy, washable, outdoor, squishmallow, small, or cool dog bed, is essential for maintaining its coziness and cleanliness. Once you've washed the bed, follow these drying tips tailored to different types:


Fluffy/Washable Dog Bed:

  • After washing, squeeze out excess water gently without wringing.
  • Utilize a low-heat setting in the dryer or air-dry for a fluffy finish.
  • Toss in a few tennis balls or clean shoes (in a pillowcase) to maintain fluffiness.

Outdoor Dog Bed:

  • Opt for air-drying in the sun for that fresh, outdoor scent.
  • Regularly rotate and flip the bed to ensure thorough drying.

Squishmallow Dog Bed:

  • Air-dry or use a low-heat setting in the dryer to preserve its squishy texture.
  • Consider adding a few dryer balls or clean towels to maintain the squishiness.

Small/Cool Dog Bed:

  • Air-dry or use a delicate, low-heat setting in the dryer.
  • Ensure the bed isn’t exposed to direct heat to prevent damage.

General Tips:

  • Avoid high heat as it might damage the bed's fabric or filling.
  • Check the care label for specific instructions to maintain the bed's quality.
  • Allow ample drying time to ensure the bed is completely dry before use.

Remember, each type of dog bed might have specific care instructions, so it's always wise to check the manufacturer's guidelines or care label to ensure the best drying method for your furry friend's comfort.

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Voila! With these paw-tastic tips, your furry pal's bed will be fresher than ever. Remember, a clean dog bed means a happy, wagging tail and plenty of snuggles. Until next time, keep those doggy dreams cozy and clean!

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