Candy-Colored Soft Cat Collars

Color: Purple


Size: Neck circumference 20-30cm - Suitable for cats within 6KG

Neck circumference 20-30cm - Suitable for cats within 6KG
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Material: Fine Woven Nylon


🍓Featherlight Design: Weighing a mere 8g, these soft cat collars provide a barely-there feel, ensuring your furry friend experiences no burden or discomfort during wear.

🥑Premium Nylon Construction: Woven with expert precision using high-quality nylon material, these cat safety collars assurance a skin-friendly and durable experience for your beloved pet.

🦄POM Anti-Strangle Buckle: Enhanced with a safety release buckle made of POM material, this collar automatically detaches under a force of over 3kg, preventing potential choking or injuries.

🍦Adjustable Neck Size: Featuring an adjustable design, find the perfect fit for your cat's neck circumference, ensuring optimal comfort and security in every movement.

🍭Striking Color Combination: The collar's vibrant, contrasting colors create an eye-catching design, adding a playful touch to your pet's ensemble.

🔔Petite Bell Charm: Adorned with a small bell, this collar produces a gentle jingle, aiding in locating your cat easily and adding a charming element to their movements.

🍣Skin-friendly and Durable: Meticulously crafted with a blend of softness and durability, these comfortable cat collars ensure your pet experiences both comfort and long-lasting use, even during their adventurous moments.

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