Cartoon High Top Dog Shoes Rain Boots

Color: Yellow


Size: S

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Material: Silicone, 210D Waterproof Oxford Cloth

 Size Shoe length Shoe width Applicable weight
S 4.2 cm 3.2 cm 0-1.5 kg
M 5.0 cm 3.8 cm 1.5-4 kg
L 5.5 cm 4.2 cm 4-7.5 kg


🍌 Elevated Ankle Coverage: Our high-top dog rain shoes provide increased ankle protection, shielding your pet from wind and rain.

☁️ Windproof and Waterproof: Designed to keep your furry friend dry and cozy even on rainy days, thanks to its rubber dog shoes waterproof construction.

🍹 Adjustable Elastic Cord: The adjustable cord ensures a snug fit, making it easy to put on and preventing the boots from slipping off.

🌈 Effective Rain Guard: Tightened boot opening effectively prevents rainwater from seeping in, keeping paws dry and comfortable.

💕 Soft and Comfortable Fit: The soft and flexible material wraps gently around paws, offering a comfortable experience for your pet.

🍨 Feather-Light Design: Weighing just 0.025kg, these boots won't burden your pet's feet, making them easy to wear for extended periods.

😊 Anti-Slip Sole: Specially designed sole enhances traction, providing a firm grip for confident running and playing.

🍃 Durable and Odor-Free: Crafted from safe and eco-friendly materials, these anti-slip dog shoes are built to last and remain odor-free.

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