Interactive Dog Toys Slow Feeder

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Color: Green


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Dimension: 4.37*5.43*3.15 inch


🌟 Increases Pets IQ: These  interactive puzzle dog toys not only prevent destructive boredom behaviors but also boost your pet's IQ. Transform mealtime into playtime, stimulating your pet's hunting instinct and keeping them mentally engaged in enjoyable activities.

🐾 Keep Your Dog Happy: Bid farewell to mundane slow feeder dog bowls with our automatic dog feeder. This innovative alternative stimulates appetite, nurtures slow-food habits, combats indoor anxiety, reduces mischievous behavior, and offers sustainable entertainment

🌈 Futuristic Tumbler Design: Watch your pets interact with the dispenser, receiving rewards through the front food leak hole. The combination of functionality and an attractive design makes our automatic dog feeder a source of endless fascination, ensuring your pet stays entertained.

🎁 Bonding Moments: Strengthen your connection with your pets through shared joy and the thrill of solving puzzles. Our interactive toys go beyond being mere accessories – they become companions in creating cherished memories

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