Outdoor Portable Pet Water Bowl

Color: Blue with 1 Poop Bag Roll Free

Blue with 1 Poop Bag Roll Free
Yellow with 1 Poop Bag Roll Free
Pink with 1 Poop Bag Roll Free
White with 1 Poop Bag Roll Free
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Material: Food grade pp

Capacity: 400ml+1 Dog Poop Bag Roll


🦮Foldable Hydration Convenience: Discover our innovative portable pet water bowl, designed for effortless travel. Its collapsible feature ensures easy on-the-go adventures.

🚲Quenching Thirst Anywhere: With a 400ml capacity, this outdoor pet water bowl satisfies your dog's hydration needs during outdoor escapades. The 10cm-wide drinking trough makes sipping a breeze.

Portable Pet Water Bowl

💧Leak-Proof Hydration Assurance: Experience double protection with a spill-proof design, ensuring water stays in when squeezed. Choose between a fashionable shoulder strap or a convenient hand-held rope for easy portability.

💟Multipurpose and Handy: Unleash hidden functionalities! The detachable drinking trough doubles as a temporary food bowl, and the squeeze-out water can rinse away pet stains. Plus, a bottom storage compartment is perfect for snacks and waste bags.

Portable Pet Water Bowl

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