Bite-Resistant Inflate Dog Ball Throwing Toy

Color: Black and White

Black and White
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Material: Rubber, Polyester

Size: 25*20*20 cm


🐾 Durable Rubber Build: The Bite-Resistant Inflate Dog Ball Toy boasts a sturdy rubber exterior for enduring play, ensuring lasting enjoyment.

Bite-Resistant Inflate Dog Ball Throwing Toy2

👐 Effortless Handling: The innovative handle design allows for easy throwing and retrieval of the large dog ball toy, enhancing your interaction during outdoor games.

🌈 High-Visibility Design: Featuring vibrant colors, this interactive dog ball toy remains easily visible in open spaces, attracting dogs' attention and making it easy for you to track.

Bite-Resistant Inflate Dog Ball Throwing Toy4

🏞️ Outdoor Adventure Ready: Tailored for outdoor play, it's perfect for fetch in the park or a beach day, with durable construction and captivating colors that define the ideal dog ball toy.

🎉 Promotes Activity: Encourage an active lifestyle with this toy, combining durability, easy handling, and vibrant colors for physical and mental stimulation, making it the ultimate interactive dog ball toy.

Bite-Resistant Inflate Dog Ball Throwing Toy5

👉 Bond Through Play: Foster a stronger connection with your dog through interactive games, making this durable dog ball toy a must-have in every pet owner's collection.

Bite-Resistant Inflate Dog Ball Throwing Toy3

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