Colorful Vintage Corrugated Cat Scratcher


Color: Blue Car

Blue Car
Rose Red Car
Orange Car
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Material: Double E Corrugated, BC Corrugated, 3M Foam Adhesive

Size: 50*40*38.5 cm


🌟Antique Car Inspiration: Indulge your feline friend with the vintage car charm of our Colorful Vintage Corrugated Cat Scratcher. Crafted for cats who appreciate the classics, this scratcher offers a unique and stylish driving experience.

Colorful Vintage Corrugated Cat Scratcher4

🏰 Spacious Interior: No cramped spaces! Even the most voluptuous cats can effortlessly enter and revel in the expansive interior of our cat scratcher.

🎉 Three-in-One Fun Design: Our cat toy scratcher is not just a scratcher; it transforms into a multifunctional play station, providing endless entertainment options for your cat.

Colorful Vintage Corrugated Cat Scratcher2

🔄 Eight-Sided Stability: With eight-sided support, our cat scratcher guarantees stability, allowing your chubby cat to scratch without the worry of a toppled paradise.

🚫 Mess-Free Scratching: Prioritizing your cat's safety, our scratcher is free from irritating substances and unpleasant odors.

Colorful Vintage Corrugated Cat Scratcher3

🌈 Odor-Free and Non-Irritating: Ensure a delightful and secure experience for your beloved pet with our cat toy scratcher, free from irritating substances and odors.

Colorful Vintage Corrugated Cat Scratcher1

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