Double Layers Cloud Luxury Cat Climbing Tree


Style: Double Layers

Double Layers
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***This product is only available in the U.S.***

Material: Fruit Wood, Sisal, Plush

Size: 52*60*95 cm


🌳 Elevated Feline Haven: Introducing our real wood cat trees-inspired Double Layers Cloud Luxury Cat Climbing Tree, providing a multi-dimensional and luxurious space for your cat's delight.

🐾 Dual-Level Exploration: With double layers, this medium cat tree offers ample room for climbing and exploration, encouraging physical activity and mental stimulation.

Double Layers Cloud Luxury Cat Climbing Tree3

😺 Plush Cloud Comfort: The cloud-inspired design offers a cozy retreat for your cat to lounge and play. Elevate their comfort with this stylish and luxurious cat climbing tree, crafted with real wood cat trees aesthetics.

🌈 Sisal-Wrapped Scratching Posts: Promote healthy scratching with sisal-wrapped posts, keeping furniture safe while satisfying natural instincts.

🏰 Sturdy Structure: Built with a stable base and durable materials, our cat climbing tree ensures safety during play, providing a secure environment with the charm of real wood cat trees.

Double Layers Cloud Luxury Cat Climbing Tree1

🌟 Interactive Play: Hanging toys encourage swatting and pouncing, enhancing your cat's entertainment and exercise in this medium cat tree.

🧼 Easy to Clean: The removable and washable components make maintenance a breeze, ensuring a clean and hygienic space for your pet.

Double Layers Cloud Luxury Cat Climbing Tree2

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