Folding Pet Portable Water Bottle

Color: Red

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Material: PET+ PP+ TPR 

Size: 20.1*10.1*6.3 cm

Weight: 180g


🌟 Spacious Hydration: Indulge your pet with a generous water supply. Our pet water bottle boasts a large capacity, ensuring they stay refreshed on every adventure.

Folding Pet Portable Water Bottle2

🔄 Folding Mastery: Experience ultimate convenience with our convenient folding angle. The intelligent 150° fold and flip-over design keep the drinking surface protected. Safety folds to 0° when not in use.

💧 Leak-Proof Wonder: Bid farewell to spills! Our leak-proof inversion design ensures a secure water source. Inverted shaking guarantees reliable hydration without any wastage. 

Folding Pet Portable Water Bottle6

👌 Tailored for Pets: Our pet travel water bottle is the pet-friendly size, the adaptable water trough suits various dog breeds, making it an essential companion for pet owners on the move.

👐 Wearable Adventure: Embrace hands-free convenience with our wearable design. The handy wrist strap transforms your bottle into a stylish accessory for your outdoor escapades.

Folding Pet Portable Water Bottle5

🛡️ Safety Beyond Sips: Prioritize your pet's well-being with our safety assurance feature. At 0° when idle, each sip is secure, providing peace of mind during every hydration moment.

Folding Pet Portable Water Bottle1

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