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Pure Cotton Printed E-Collar
L, XL, 2XL

Pure Cotton Printed Pet Cone

Size Neckband Outer Ring Diameyer L 32cm 29cm XL 37cm 33cm 2XL 42cm 37cm Features:  🍉Comfortable and Gentle: Crafted from pure cotton, this printed pet cone ensures maximum comfort during your...
Fashionable Design E-Collar petin
S, M, L

Fashionable Design Pet Cone

$26.65 – $28.99
Material: 100% Dacron+100% PU  Size Adjustable Extent Diameter Suitable S 12-22cm 27cm ≤4kg M 18-32cm 33cm ≤6kg L 41-50cm 43cm ≤20kg Features: 🥝Adjustable Fit : Tailor the fit for different...
Flower E-Collar petin
S, M, L

Flower Pet Cone

$22.50 – $23.50
Features: 🍉 Adjustable Strap: Enhance your pet care experience with our soft pet cone featuring an adjustable strap. Tailor the fit to your dog's neck size, ensuring a secure and...
Dart Board E-Collar petin
XS, S, M, L, XL

Dart Board Pet Cone

$23.49 – $25.85
Material: Nylon Fabric Size Neckband Diameter Suitable Type XS 16-21cm 29cm Cat&Small Dogs S 20-25cm 30cm Cat&Small Dogs M 25-30cm 36cm Cat&Small Dogs L 28-34cm 41cm Mudium-sized Dogs XL 34-42cm...
Colorful Sunflower E-Collar petin
M:22-36cm, L:30-45cm

Colorful Sunflower Pet Cone

$17.75 – $20.35
Size Neckband Suitable M 22-36cm 4-9kg L 30-45cm 8-11kg Features: 🍓Enhanced Comfort Fabric: Tailored for your dog's well-being, our fabric pet cone features a soft and plush inner lining, ensuring a...
Rainbow After Rain E-Collar
S, M

Rainbow After Rain Comfy Pet Cone

$18.35 – $20.35
Material: Crystal Velvet, PP Cotton  Size Inner Ring S 7-19cm M 10-26cm Features: 🌈 Comfortable and Padded: The soft pet cone features a soft and padded inner lining, ensuring a cozy...
Bowknot Waterproof E-Collar petin

Bowknot Waterproof Pet Cone

Size Neckband Suitable XS 16-20cm ≤3kg S 19-23cm ≤5kg Features: 🌈Waterproof and Durable: Crafted from waterproof materials, our comfy pet cone ensures durability in wet conditions, withstanding splashes and spills during...
Blue Shark Pet Cone
S, M, L, XL

Blue Shark Pet Cone

Material: Mesh Cloth, Sponge Size Inner Ring Height Applicable Weight S 20-23cm 10.5cm 1-2.5kg M 24-27cm 13cm 2.5-5kg L 28-31cm 15cm 5-9kg XL 32-36cm 18cm 9-12.5kg Features: 💕 Enhanced Comfort:...
Life Ring Waterproof E-Collar
XS, S, M, L

Life Ring Waterproof Pet Cone

$21.50 – $24.50
Material: PP Cotton+ Twill Size External Conjugate Internal Perimeter XS 22cm 11-20cm S 26cm 14-24cm M 32cm 18-30cm L 36cm 25-40cm Features: 🍎Unique Life Ring Design: Elevate your pet's recovery...
Five Stars E-Collar petin
S, M

Five Stars Waterproof Pet Cone

Material: Waterproof Cloth Fill: PP Cotton Size Adjustable Extent Diameter Suit S 12-25cm 24cm ≤3kg M 15-35cm 29cm ≤8kg Features: 🍎 Comfortable and Padded: The soft pet cone prioritizes your...
Yaya Duck E-Collar
S, M, L

Yaya Duck Pet Cone

 Size Neckband Suitable S ≤26cm ≤2kg M ≤29cm ≤4kg L ≤32cm ≤6.5kg Features: 🦄Comfortable and Padded: Tailored for feline comfort, our cat pet cone features a soft, padded inner lining ensuring a...
Donut E-Collar petin
S, M, L, XL

Donut Pet Cone

$16.25 – $18.50
Size Diameter (cm) Neckband(cm) XS 17 10-17 S 21 13-21 M 25 17-26 L 29 20-31 XL 33 28-37 Features: 🍎Comfortable and Padded: Our donut pe cone is crafted with your...