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Pet Bathing Massage Brush

Silicone Pet Massage Brush

Material: ABS + Silica Gel Size: 100*84*53.5mm Weight: 56g Features: 🐕Bathing and Massage: Pamper your furry friend with our best pet grooming comb, a versatile tool that doubles as a bathing brush and massage...
Pet Grooming Comb

Big-Eyed Monster Pet Grooming Comb

Material: ABS+HTPE+Stainless Steel Size: 200*85*55 mm Weight: 86 g Features: 💆‍ Effective Grooming: Discover the perfect pet grooming comb that ensures your furry friend always looks neat and well-groomed. 🐕 Removes...
Pet Massage Bath Brush

Pink Soft Rubber Cat Bath Brush

Material: AS Resin, Rubber Elastomer Weight: 72 g Size: 9*7.5*7 cm Features: 🌟 Relaxing Massage: Our cat bath brush offers a unique combination of relaxation and cleanliness. It provides a soothing...
Anti-Static Detangling Pet Comb

Anti-Static Detangling Pet Comb

$45.99 – $49.99
Size: Overall Length: 19 cm Comb Teeth: 3 cm Features: 🌟 Precise Grooming: Our pet grooming comb is expertly crafted for precision grooming, making it the ultimate defur brush.  🔥...
Beauty Daily Care Pet Grooming Comb petin

Beauty Daily Care Pet Grooming Comb

$10.99 – $11.99
Material: ABS Plastic/Rubber/Steel Size: S 63*150 mm L 105*150 mm Features: 💆‍ Effective Grooming: Unveil the secret to keeping your furry friend looking their absolute best with our reliable pet...
Pet Silicone Massage Bath Brush

Silicone Massage Cat Bath Brush

Material: ABS+TPR Weight: 60g Size: 43*39*40cm Features: 🐾 Versatile 3-in-1 Function: This premium brush is perfect for bathing, massaging, and removing loose hair - the ultimate cat bathing tool. 🌈...
Pet Shell Grooming Brush

Massage Shell Pet Grooming Comb

Material:ABS Size: 10*8*1cm Weight: 46.6g Features: 🌟 Shell-Inspired Design: Elevate your grooming routine with a unique, shell-shaped design that adds a touch of style to every session. 🍍 Dense and...
Tangle Angle Paws Pet Comb

Tangle Angel Paws Pet Hair Comb

Material: ABS Size: 8*4.5*16cm Features: 💆‍ Adorable Cat Claw Design: Elevate your pet's grooming routine with the pet grooming comb featuring a charming cat claw design.  🐕 High-Density Teeth: Our cat dematting...
Natural Wood Floating Hair Remover
S, M

Natural Wood Pet Hair Remover Comb

$24.50 – $26.00
Material: Natural Wood, Rubber, Stainless Steel Size:  S 50*165 mm M 55*190 mm Features: 🌟 Effective Grooming: Elevate your pet's grooming routine with our pet hair comb. This reliable tool ensures...
Pet Effective Desheeding Comb

Effective Pet Deshedding Comb

Features: 🌟 Effective Deshedding: Elevate your pet's grooming routine with our defur brush. This highly effective deshedding comb is designed to remove excess fur and significantly reduce shedding in your beloved...
Effective Finely Pet Hair Remover Comb
S-19*7cm, M-22.5*8cm

Effective Finely Pet Hair Remover Comb

$48.60 – $50.25
Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel Size:  S 19*7 cm M 22.5*8 cm Features: 🐾 Efficient Pet Hair Removal: Tired of pet hair on your furniture and clothing? Our metal pet...
Tangles and Knots Remover for Dogs

Tangles and Knots Remover Metal Pet Comb

Material: ABS Resin, Iron Size: 18.8*3.8cm Features: 🌟 Two-Part Design: Our pet grooming comb combines a 3mm teeth upper section for daily grooming and a 1.8mm teeth lower section for...