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Animal Scratching Board petin

Alpaca Cat Scratcher Post

Material: Corrugated Paper, Flannelette, Sisal Size: 49*39*51.5cm Features: 🐏Three-in-One Design: Our stylish cat scratching post features a dual-color sisal scratching post, a delightful wobbling hanging ball, and an engaging spring...
Universe Series Cat Scratching Pad

Universe Series Cat Scratch Mat

Material: Jute rope Non-slip mat Features: 🍋Durable Cat Scratch Fun: Introducing our Universe Series cat scratch mat, crafted from natural yellow hemp for durability and resistance to scratching.  🍈Comfortable Lounging Spot: ...
Summer Rainbow Cat Scratching Board

Summer Rainbow Cat Scratching Board

Material: High Wear Resistant Corrugated Paper Size: 70*25*35cm Features: 🌈Rainbow Cloud Design:This whimsical piece, featuring a delightful corrugated cat scratcher in a rainbow cloud design, adds color and charm to...
Colorful Vintage Corrugated Cat Scratcher

Colorful Vintage Corrugated Cat Scratcher

Material: Double E Corrugated, BC Corrugated, 3M Foam Adhesive Size: 50*40*38.5 cm Features: 🌟Antique Car Inspiration: Indulge your feline friend with the vintage car charm of our Colorful Vintage Corrugated Cat Scratcher. Crafted...
Cute Monster Cat Scratching Board petin

Cute Monster Cat Scratching Box

Material: B Grade Corrugated Paper Size: 40*35*50 cm Net Weight: 1kg Features: 🐾 Playful Monster Design: Introduce fun to your space with our cardboard cat scratch featuring an adorable monster...
Aviator Scratching Board petin

Aviator Cat Scratching Toy

Material: BC Corrugated Board Weight: 1.4 kg Features: 🦄 Unique Airplane Design: Elevate your decor with our cat toy scratcher, featuring a whimsical airplane-shaped design. 🍩 Interactive Spinning Propeller: The...
Half Moon Acrylic Cat Scratching Board petin

Half Moon Acrylic Cat Scratch Board

Material: Acrylic, Corrugated Cardboard Size: 43.5*26*9 cm Weight: 1.125 kg Features: 🐾 Double-Sided & Thickened Design: Our cat cardboard scratcher offers double-sided space for feline fun, featuring a durable and...
Apple Harvest Cat Scratching Board petin

Apple Harvest Cat Scratch Mat

Material: Sisal Hemp Size: 42*42 cm Features: 🍎 Eye-Catching Red Apple Design: Add charm to your decor with our sisal cat scratching board featuring a vibrant red apple design. 🐱...
Rainbow Sisal Cat Scratching Board

Rainbow Sisal Cat Scratching Board

Material: Natural Sisal, Furniture Panels Size: Diameter 35.5 cm Features: 🌈 Comfortable Claw Sensation: The Rainbow Sisal Cat Scratching Board provides a satisfying claw sensation, thanks to the soft and...
Space Scratching Board

Space Scratch Toys for Cats

Material: Corrugared Paper, Solid Wood, Sisal Size: 53.5*45*25 cm Features: 🥥 Compact Size, Versatile Placement: The Space Scratching Board, a versatile cat scratching toy, fits into any room, providing a...
Little Goose Scratching Board

Little Goose Cat Scratching Board

Material: Thickened corrugated paper Size: 54*42.5cm Features: ✨Adorable Goose Design: Introducing our Little Goose Cat Scratching Board, featuring an adorable goose shape that adds whimsy and charm to your cat's...
Cheese Box Cat Scratching Board petin

Cheese Box Cat Scratching Board

Material: Corrugated paper Size: 30*30*30cm Features: 🧀Cheese Box Design: Our Cat Scratcher House boasts a charming cheese box shape, adding a playful and whimsical touch to your home decor while...