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Breathable Soft Mesh Dog Harnesses petin
3XS, 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL

Soft Mesh Nylon Padded Dog Harness

$19.99 – $22.89
Size Bust Recommended Weight 3XS 36-44cm 3~5kg 2XS 41-52cm 4~7kg XS 46-58cm 7~12kg S 49-64cm 10~15kg M 58-76cm  14~25kg L 63-82cm 23~30kg XL 67-90cm 28~40kg Features: 😊Padded Dog Harness with...
Macaron Series Cotton Rope Dog Collar&Leash Set
S, M, L, XL

Macaron Series Anti-Choking Cotton Rope Dog Collar&Leash Set

Material: Leather + Cotton rope Leash: 150cm Collar: Size Neck  Recommended S 35-41cm 5-15kg M 37-44cm 15-20kg L 44-51cm 20-35kg XL 49-56cm 35-60kg  Features: 🌈Stylish Macaron-inspired Design: This dog collar and leash...
Flower Pet Harness Walk Set
2XS, XS, S, M, L

Flower Pet Harness Walk Set

$45.00 – $54.00
Leash Size: Length/cm Width/cm 2XS 105-180 1.6 XS 105-180 1.6 S 76-120 2.5 M 76-120 2.5 L 76-120 2.5 Harness Size: Chest/cm Neckband/cm  Recommended Weight/kg 2XS 33~43 22~25 ≤4 XS...
Rivet & Rhinestone Leather Dog Collars
XS, S, M, L

Rivet & Rhinestone Leather Dog Collars

$9.99 – $16.99
Size Dimension/cm Adjustable Size/cm Recommended Weight/kg XS 32*1.5 21~27 ≤4kg S 37*1.5 26~32 4~8kg M 42*2.0 29~38 8~13kg L 51*2.5 36~46 13~23kg
Integrated Chest and Back Traction Rope
M (15-26kg), L/XL (25-35kg)

Integrated Chest and Back Traction Rope

Your Ultimate Leash to Stress-Free Strolls!Are you tired of carrying around the old leash ? a dream come true for pet parents seeking both freedom and control, It's time to meet the...
Freely Adjustable Colorful Cat Collar petin
S, M, L

Freely Adjustable Colorful Fashion Dog Collars

Material: Fine woven polyester/silk nylon Size Neck  Recommended S 25-37cm <8kg M 35-53cm <15kg L 40-62cm <40kg Features: 🍌Adjustable and Secure Fit: Ensure your pet's comfort with our fashion dog...
Cute Embroidered Ultralight Dog Harnesses petin
S, M, L, XL

Embroidered Cute Dog Harness

 Size Bust Recommended Weight S 36-40cm 2~3kg M 40-46cm 3.5~6.5kg L 44-52cm 7~10kg XL 50-62cm 10~14kg Features: 🍓 Cute Dog Harnesses with Air-Like Wearing Experience: Our Cute Dog Harness offer...
X-type Reflective Dog Harnesses
XS, S, M, L

X-type Reflective Dog Harness

Size Bust Recommended Weight XS 28-42cm 2~4kg S 40-50cm  4~8kg M 50-62cm 8~14kg L 60-72cm 14~23kg Features: 🌈Explosion-proof and Shock-absorbing Design: Our X-Type Reflective Dog Harness is equipped with an...
Tensile Durable Cotton Dog Leashes

Tensile Durable Cotton Chewy Dog Leashes

Material: Cotton Size: Total  Length 1.7m Features: 🌈 Superior Durability: Our high-quality dog rope leash is crafted from robust cotton, ensuring strength and durability for daily use. It's your reliable...
Integrated Adjustable Nylon Dog Leashes
S, M, L

Integrated Adjustable Nylon Outdoor Dog Leash

$14.00 – $16.28
Material: Nylon Metal Cotton rope Size Length Diameter Suitable for Pets S 1.5/1.8m 8mm 2-20kg M 1.5/1.8m 10mm 9-25kg L 1.5/1.8m 12mm 20-80kg Features: 🌈 Integrated Adjustable Design: Elevate your...
Micro-elastic Nylon Dog Leashes
M-Diameter 10mm, L-Diameter 12mm

Micro-Elastic Nylon Long Leash for Dogs

$14.07 – $22.31
 Size Diameter Length Recommended M 10mm 0.8-5m 4-15kg L 12mm 0.8-5m 5-35kg Features 🍓Flexible and Stretchy Design: Our outdoor dog leash, featuring a slight stretch, offer flexibility and freedom of movement for...