2-in-1 Automatic Pet Feeder

Color: Yellow

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  • Food-grade
  • Polypropylene


  • 29*32*28cm


🍯Worry-Free Absence: Leave for a week or short trips without concern, thanks to the innovative pet feeder that ensures automatic watering and feeding.

pet feeder
🧁Dry and Wet Separation: Maintain the quality of your pet's food by preventing moisture, thanks to the distinct compartments featured in our pet slow feeder bowl.

🧩No More Clogging: Experience a seamless flow of food, even with freeze-dried options, due to the wide-mouthed, sloped design that eliminates clogging issues.

pet feeder
🎀Siphon Refilling: Ensure a continuous replenishment of water without spills or overflow, facilitated by the siphoning mechanism in our pet feeder.

🌵Clear Storage: Easily monitor remaining food and water levels through the transparent container design, providing a clear view of your pet's essentials.

pet feeder
🍟Easy Planning: Stay informed about when to refill with our 2-in-1 Automatic Pet Feeder, promoting a consistent feeding schedule for your furry friend.

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