Luxury Cat Garden Climbing Frame Tower Artistic Cat Tree


Color: Green


Size: 48*54*95cm

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Material  Sisal, Teddy fleece, Wood
Size 48*54*95cm
Weight 13kg


🌟Artistic : It offers a cozy felt cloth cat condo, a sisal scratching board, and a triple cat jumping platform – a true entertainment paradise for your indoor cat.

🪑 Simple Tall Cat Tree: Protect your furniture from your small cat's scratching tendencies. Our tall cat tree features a wide sisal scratching board to help maintain your cat's nail health.

🛏️ Ideal Resting Place: Our cat tree provides a safe place for your cat to climb, sit, and relax all day. The sturdy structure ensures stability, allowing your cat to jump safely.

🛠️ Easy Assembly: We've simplified the installation process for your convenience. Detailed instructions are included, so you can effortlessly set up the perfect cat gift. Get ready for a big surprise!

Upgrade your cat's life with our stylish, protective, and easy-to-assemble cat tree! Get one now for your feline friend.🐾🌳

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Luxury Cat Garden Climbing Frame Tower Cute Cat Tree