Astronaut Pet Water Fountain

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Color: Green


Size: L

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  • High-quality Ceramic Body & Fully Ceramic


🌈High-End Design: Our Astronaut Pet Drinking Fountain features a stylish and modern design, adding a touch of sophistication to your pet's drinking routine.

Astronaut Pet Water Fountain1

🎄Premium Ceramic Material: Crafted from high-quality pure ceramic, our ceramic pet drinking fountain guarantees a sophisticated and safe hydration experience.

🔒Safe and Automatic Power-Off Protection: Prioritize your pet's safety with automatic power-off protection, preventing dry burning and ensuring a secure drinking environment.

Astronaut Cat Water Fountain

🔊Silent and Low-Frequency Operation: Enjoy a quiet and peaceful drinking experience for your pet with silent, low-frequency operation.

🍋High-Density Filtration System: Immerse your pet in clean hydration with the high-density filtration system, ensuring fresh and purified water.

🥝1800ml Water Capacity: Our pet water drinking fountain has a generous 1800ml water capacity, providing a continuous supply of water for your pet throughout the day.

Astronaut Pet Water Fountain

🌊Circulating Water Source: Encourage your pet to drink more with the circulating water source, ensuring a constant supply of fresh water.

Astronaut Cat Water Fountain

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