Auto Cat Litter Box


Color: Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic
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Please note: This product available for Australia Only.

🧭24H Auto-Cleaning for automatic cat litter boxes:

Say goodbye to manual scooping with our intelligent electric cat litter box. The automatic cat litter box takes care of your cat's litter, even during your week-long business trips. With the one-click cleaning function, simply remove the litter bag when you return, and your worries are eliminated.

🚩100% Safe for Cats with the self-cleaning cat litter box:

Our self-cleaning cat litter box prioritizes your pet's safety. It incorporates multiple safety features, including a smart sensor that halts operation when it detects unknown objects or increases weight. A 50cm infrared detector ensures the box stops immediately upon detecting cat activity nearby and inside. The safety lock provides added protection for both your children and pets.

📱APP Control & Monitoring for automatic cat litter boxes:

Take control of cleanliness with the self-cleaning cat litter box through our user-friendly app (2.4GHz Wi-Fi Only). Download the "Smartlife" App to manage the cat house from anywhere, allowing you and your family to monitor and control the litter box simultaneously, even when no one is home.

🔒Quiet & Odor Removal in the auto cat litter box:

Forget the unpleasant odors associated with manual scooping. Our auto cat litter box uses ozone to eliminate odors and maintain freshness. Operating at less than 46dB, it won't disrupt your daily life. This automatic cat litter box is compatible with all clumping cat litter types on the market (except crystal cat litter).

🌈Extra-Large Capacity for automatic cat litter boxes:

Enjoy up to 7 days without scooping for one cat, thanks to the extra-large waste container. Measuring 20.47*21.25*26.77 inches, our automatic cat litter box offers a spacious interior suitable for cats weighing between 3.5lb and 18lb, aged 6 months and older. All internal components are detachable for easy cleaning, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Upgrade your cat's litter experience with our innovative automatic cat litter boxes. Experience convenience, safety, and cleanliness, all in one package.

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