Fully Open Automatic Cat Litter Cleaning Box


Color: M1 Plus Smart Model

M1 Plus Smart Model
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Material  PP, POM, Rubber
Size 45.4*65.5*28cm
Rated voltage DC 12V,Maximum current 1A,Bin capacity 6.5L
Bluetooth BLE  5.0

Please note: This product is available for Australia Only. 


🍉Cat Automatic Litter Box for Multi-Cats: Revolutionize your cat's litter experience with our automatic scooping system. Designed for cats over 15 lb, this open-top litter box keeps things clean and fresh.

🍋Low Maintenance Convenience: Enjoy a scoop-free cleanup for up to 7 days when you follow the instructions for our fully open cat automatic litter box. Say goodbye to daily scooping.

🍑Advanced Odor Control: Our waste receptacles, equipped with carbon filters, contain both mess and odors effectively. Easy setup and assembly make it hassle-free.

🥝Smartphone Connected Litter Box: Stay connected with your cat's well-being and her litter box, even when you're away. The cat automatic litter box is linked to the Magic Scoop app, allowing you to monitor from anywhere.

🍓Track Your Cat's Health: Real-time usage data is presented as an activity log in the app, enabling you to monitor your cat's litter box activity closely. Look out for irregularities that could signal potential health concerns.

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