Automatic 2 in 1 Pet Feeder

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Color: Yellow

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Material: Food-grade PP


🍓Convenient Feeding Solution: Simplify your pet's mealtime with an all-in-one automatic feeder and water dispenser.

🍩 Freshness Secured: Keep your pet's food irresistibly fresh with our light-sealed and airtight grain storage bin, complemented by an integrated moisture-resistant pouch for added assurance.

Water and Food Integrated Automatic Pet Feeder

🍿 Pure Hydration: The water drinking fountain, featuring a convenient filtered water outlet, ensures your pet enjoys crisp, impurity-free water with each sip.

🥝Optimal Angle Design: The 20° incline and 7cm extra-wide outlet prevent food from jamming and freezing, ensuring smooth dispensing.

Water and Food Integrated Automatic Pet Feeder

🍦Week-Long Care: Head out worry-free – the dispenser can sustain your pet's needs for up to a week.Perfect for busy pet owners seeking an automatic pet water bowl.

🍑Siphon Water Refill: The siphon design refills the water as your pet drinks, ensuring there's always water available.

🍞Anti-Skid Base: The anti-slip base prevents accidental spills or tipping, maintaining a mess-free environment.

Water And Food Integrated Automatic Pet Feeder

🧁Hygienic and Easy Maintenance: Enjoy the convenience of detachable parts for easy cleaning, with a dry and wet separation design.

🧩Food-Grade PP Material: Crafted from odor-free, food-grade PP material to ensure the safety of your pet's food and water.

Water And Food Integrated Automatic Pet Feeder

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