Bee-shaped Pet Water Fountain

Color: Bee

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Material: ABS+PC


🐝 Chic Bee Design: Elevate your pet's drinking experience with our Bee-Shaped Pet Water Fountain, boasting a sleek and captivating design.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from durable ABS+PC materials, our fountain ensures safety and sustainability for your pet's hydration needs.

💧 2L Water Capacity: Enjoy continuous hydration with our fountain's generous 2-liter capacity, perfect for pets of all sizes.

🔥 Automatic Power-Off: Our fountain features automatic power-off protection, safeguarding against dry burning and ensuring long-lasting pump performance.

🔌 USB Powered: Conveniently power our fountain through a USB interface, offering flexibility in placement and accessibility.

🔇 Silent Operation: Experience peace and tranquility with our fountain's silent and low-frequency operation, ideal for nighttime use.

🌊 Effective Filtration: Benefit from our fountain's high-density filtration system, removing impurities and providing clean water for your pet.

💦 Circulating Water: Stimulate your pet's interest with our fountain's circulating water source, keeping water fresh and enticing.

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