Avocado Catnip Ball

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Color: Avocado

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  • Catnip


🐱Natural and Safe: Our avocado-shaped catnip balls are made from all-natural catnip and are a safe and non-toxic choice for your feline.

Avocado Catnip Ball 1

🦷Dental Health: The unique shape and texture of our avocado catnip ball provide a satisfying chewing experience for cats, helping to promote dental health by reducing tartar and plaque buildup.

Avocado Catnip Ball 5

🥑Stimulates Appetite: The enticing aroma of catnip and the irresistible avocado shape make our catnip ball a great appetite stimulant for picky eaters.

Avocado Catnip Ball 2

🍎Digestive Aid: The natural properties of avocado and catnip help promote healthy digestion, aiding in the elimination of hairballs and supporting a healthy gastrointestinal system.

🦄Handmade with Care: Each catnip ball is carefully handcrafted to ensure quality and durability, making them long-lasting and suitable for energetic play.

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