Mahjong Breathable Dog Bed Pad

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Size L*W*H Suitable for Pets
S 45*35*4cm  ≤3.5kg
M 55*40*4cm ≤8.5kg


✨ Playful Mahjong Design: Elevate your pet's comfort and playtime with the large tough dog beds,uniquely crafted for a cozy and entertaining sleep experience, adding a touch of fun to your pet's relaxation.

🌬️ Warm and Cozy: The dog bed is created with plush rabbit fur fabric, composed of fine, elongated fibers, forming a feather-like surface layer.

Mahjong Breathable Dog Bed Pad1

🌈 Surrounding Design for Extra Space: Enjoy a spacious environment with the surrounding design, allowing your pet to stretch and experience a comfortable sleep.

🛌 3D High-Resilience Memory Foam: Gentle support that doesn't collapse, ensuring a full and plush shape even after extended use. This feature enhances the overall comfort of the dog bed.

Mahjong Breathable Dog Bed Pad3

🛋️ Durable Structure : The three-dimensional fullness maintains its shape even after prolonged use. The hidden zipper design ensures easy removal for cleaning, promoting a clean and hygienic environment to safeguard your pet's health.

Mahjong Breathable Dog Bed Pad2

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