Carrot Rubber Dog Chew Toys

Color: Orange

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Material: Rubber+ Filler Cotton


🥕 Whimsical Shape: The playful carrot shape adds a touch of fun to your dog's playtime, making it visually appealing and sparking their interest.

Carrot Rubber Dog Chew Toys1

🌈 Natural Rubber Material: Our funny dog chew toys made from natural rubber, our toy is not only tough but also safe for your pet. It enhances the chewability of the toy, providing a satisfying chewing experience.

🐕 Textured Surface: The toy's textured surface with concave and convex features not only aids in teeth cleaning but also provides a satisfying sensory experience for your dog during chewing.

Carrot Rubber Dog Chew Toys3

🍉 Built-in Squeaker: Embedded with a squeaky whistle, the rubber dog chew toys capture your dog's attention and keeps them engaged, adding an extra element of excitement to play.

🍐 Teeth Cleaning and Grinding: The unique design promotes dental health by aiding in the natural cleaning and grinding of your dog's teeth, preventing plaque buildup and maintaining oral hygiene.

Carrot Rubber Dog Chew Toys2

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