Large Cat Bed Stackable Cat Cube


Color: Blue

Metals diving tower
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  • Birch boards
  • Suede mats
  • Metal jumping platform


🌞Sunlit Feline Retreat: Discover a haven with our natural cat cave beds—an inviting spot for sun-loving cats to bask, promoting calcium absorption for a cozy warmth.

🛬Tower Stacking Thrills: Elevate playtime with our stackable design—a skyscraper adventure for your cat, encouraging agile climbs and exploration to new heights.

🧱Flexible Comfort Oasis: Tailor your cat's haven with our versatile and comfy design, allowing quick and easy stacking in various configurations for a personalized retreat.

🎨Safe Elevation Haven: Ensure playtime safety with our metal jumping platform, providing a secure and stable perch for your curious companion.

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