Electric Fan Hover Ball Cat Toys

Color: Blue

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Electric Fan Hover Ball Cat Toys


🐋Sleek and Rounded Design: The floating ball electric fan features a smooth and rounded design, with no sharp edges, ensuring a safe and pleasant user experience.

🥑Easy to Use: Simply place the ball on top of the fan, switch it on, and enjoy the mesmerizing floating effect created by the airflow.

🍓USB-Powered: This fan is conveniently powered by a USB connection, providing a long-lasting and enjoyable playing experience without the need for batteries.

🌌Compact and Portable: With its small and compact size, this fan is easy to carry and transport, making it a convenient and portable companion for indoor and outdoor use.

🌙Durable ABS Material: The fan is made from durable ABS material, ensuring it withstands regular use and remains sturdy and reliable.

🍭Odorless and Safe: The ABS material used in this fan is odorless and safe, making it suitable for prolonged use without any concerns for health or environmental impact.

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