Neon Panel Cat Tree Minimalist


Color: Blue

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  • Velvet cushion
  • Neon Acrylic Board


🌵Tower Ascent Delight: Experience the joy of our cat tower tree with its tower-shaped design, elevating your cat to new heights for a broader view.

🌈Multi-Cat Marvel: A must-have for multi-cat households, this space-saving wonder accommodates multiple cats at once, turning playtime into a communal delight.

🌠Scratch-Resistant Haven: Indulge your cat's instincts with the all-encompassing, scratch-resistant fabric, saving your sofa from feline mischief. Prioritize your cat's safety with rounded edges, preventing accidental bumps.

high quality cat trees

😻Transparent Play Observation: Crafted from high-density acrylic, this cat tree minimalist offers enhanced transparency for easy observation of your cat's playful antics. With high-quality cat trees, we prioritize durability and cleanliness with soft, washable, and fur-resistant fabric.

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