Four Color Log Ceramic Slow Feeder Bowl

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Color: Pink

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Material: Ceramic/Bamboo

Size: 12.5*20.5cm


🎈Ceramic Health Choice: Veterinarians recommend ceramic bowls to avoid plastic-related issues like hidden dirt and black jaws.

🎨Durable & Safe: Our ceramic slow food bowls are durable, preventing damage and ensuring a safe, healthy diet for your dog.

🧤Easy Clean: Smooth glaze resists dirt, making our bowls easy to clean in the dishwasher for hassle-free maintenance.Four Color Log Ceramic Slow Feeder Bowl

🥣Non-slip Design: Weighing around 1.4kg, our bowls feature a non-slip base to keep your dog's meals tidy and in place.

🍳Promotes Healthy Eating: Unique ridges and maze pattern in our slow feeder bowl encourage slower eating, reducing risks like bloat and obesity.Four Color Log Ceramic Slow Feeder Bowl2

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