Natural Fruitwood Cloudy Cat Tree


Size: Monolayer

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  • Natural Fruit Wood
  • Sisal rope
  • Plush
  • PP cotton cushion


⛅Cozy Feline Retreat: Unveil the charm of our cat cloud tree, a haven where your cat can frolic and nap with equal delight. Crafted from natural fruitwood, this whimsical sanctuary is a safe and secure space for your feline friend.

Cloudy Cat Tree

🌈Nature's Durability and Charm: Experience the allure of our wooden cat tree, born from naturally grown fruitwood. Air-dried to perfection, it resists moisture and pests, ensuring stability and safety. The wide, solid wooden base guarantees a wobble-free haven, instilling a sense of security in your cat.

cat tree

🌳Playful Configurations: Dive into the possibilities of our cute cat tree, offering multiple configurations and dual levels for dynamic feline activities. The sword hemp wrapping provides a resilient scratching surface, while the intertwining design adds a touch of natural beauty.

Cloudy Cat Tree

🧽Easy Maintenance Bliss: Discover convenience with the full-body disassembly feature, making cleaning our cat tree a breeze. From play to nap time, our cozy retreat offers a perfect blend of charm, stability, and easy care.

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