Square Expandable Collapsible Pet Bowls

Color: White

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Material: PP+ TPR


πŸ”„ Collapsible Design: Effortlessly fold and expand our Square Expandable Foldable Pet Bowl, ensuring convenient storage and usage.

🌈 Lightweight & Portable: Travel with ease using these bowls, meticulously designed to be lightweight and effortlessly portable – an ideal companion for on-the-go adventures.

Square Expandable Collapsible Pet Bowls3

πŸ’¦ Dual-Bowl Design: Accommodate both food and water with the double-bowl design, ensuring your pet enjoys a well-rounded and nourishing meal during outdoor activities.

🍽️ Food-Grade Materials: Crafted from carefully selected food-grade, providing a safe and secure dining experience for your pet. Trust in the quality of our pet food water bowls.

Square Expandable Collapsible Pet Bowls4

πŸ” Secure Locking Mechanism: Benefit from a safety buckle for a tight seal, guaranteeing no leaks or spills during transport.

🍲 Built-in Compartment: Equipped with an internal divider, allowing you to store food separately. Ensure freshness and prevent flavor mix-up with our innovative foldable pet bowl.

Square Expandable Collapsible Pet Bowls1

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