Summer Color Clash Pet Cooling Mat

Color: Green&Pink


Size: Diameter: 66cm

Diameter: 66cm
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  • SAP gel
  • PVC textile fabric
  • PP cotton


  • Diameter 66cm


🌟Scientific Triple-Layer Design: Our circular pet cooling mat is meticulously crafted with three layers, ensuring natural cooling and maximum comfort for your beloved pet.

🍃Thick PVC Fabric Surface: Enjoy a sturdy and durable pet cooling mat with its thick PVC woven surface that delivers a cool touch and promises lasting use.

Summer Color Clash Pet Cooling Mat 1
❄️Refreshing SAP Gel: Experience a refreshing coolness as the super absorbent polymer (SAP) gel provides an icy sensation, ideal for combating the sweltering summer temperatures.

🌿Elastic PP Cotton Support: Your pet can luxuriate in optimal support and comfort with the elastic PP cotton layer, offering a cozy and spacious environment to stretch out and relax.

Summer Color Clash Pet Cooling Mat 3
🌞Summer-Ready Comfort: Specifically designed for warm weather, our pet cooling mat aids in regulating your pet's body temperature, serving as an indispensable accessory for summer days.

🌈Neck Support Pillow: Elevate your pet's comfort with a 5cm elevated neck support pillow, promoting proper neck alignment and enhancing relaxation.

Summer Color Clash Pet Cooling Mat 2
🐾Sturdy Against Scratches and Bites: Our pet cooling mat fabric is resilient and durable, capable of withstanding your pet's playful nature while remaining resistant to scratches and bites.

🌬️Easy to Clean, Hair-Resistant: Effortlessly maintain cleanliness thanks to the non-sticky fabric that repels hair, ensuring a clean and fresh space for your pet.

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