Colorful Fruit Series Pet Fun Feeder

Color: Blue-Crab

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  • Environmental protection material
 Strawberry: 24.3*20.6*4.5cm
Peach: 22.6*20.6*4.9cm
Pineapple: 26*19.7*4.6cm
Crab: 22*20.2*4.5cm
Ladybug: 17.5*22*4.5cm
Chicken: 26*26*5cm


🍍Eco-Friendly Materials: Crafted with brand new, food-grade, eco-friendly materials for a safer and more sustainable pet dining experience.

pet feeder

🍑Easy to Clean: Convenience at its best! This pet bowl is a breeze to clean, ensuring a hygienic mealtime for your beloved pet.

🐥Slow Feeding Innovation: The pet feeder design effectively reduces eating speed, promoting healthy digestion and preventing overeating.

🥥Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: By slowing down mealtime, it aids in better absorption of nutrients, benefiting your pet's overall well-being.

pet feeder

🍃Anti-Slip Bottom: The soft rubber bottom provides stability and prevents slipping, keeping mealtime mess-free.

🍇Adorable Fruit Theme: Add a splash of cuteness to your pet's dining area with our delightful fruit-themed design.

🦀Durable Quality: Built to last, this pet fun feeder combines style and function, making it a long-lasting addition to your pet's accessories.

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