Colorful Plush Ball Set Cat Toys

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Colorful Plush Ball Set Cat Toys


🌈Vibrant Macaron Colors: Our plush ball cat toy features a delightful macaron color palette that adds a touch of whimsy to playtime.

🥑Durable and Scratch-Resistant: Made from high-quality materials, our toy is designed to withstand scratching and biting, ensuring long-lasting use.

🔔Built-in Bell: Each plush ball is equipped with a built-in bell, creating an enticing sound that captivates your cat's attention during play.

🎁Set Options: Choose from a set of three or six plush balls, providing variety and options for your feline friend's entertainment.

🐱Interactive Play: Engage in interactive play sessions with your cat, enticing them to chase, pounce, and swat the colorful plush balls.

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