Cosmic Planet Cat Tree Scratchers


Size: 131*63*59cm

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  • Polyester fiber
  • Solid wood
  • Sisal rope



🌛Moonlit Adventure Haven:  Immerse your feline friend in a delightful celestial theme, a playground tailored just for them – introducing our cute cat trees.

🌟 Elevated Playtime Platform: With tiered platforms sized for the perfect leap, watch your cat bound freely in all directions on this captivating multi-level cat tree.

cat scratch trees

🎇Diverse Designs for Pure Bliss:  From sturdy columns to playful spheres, our tree's varied structures allow cats to stretch and frolic with sheer joy.

✨Galactic Fun with Bouncing Delights:  Entertain your cat with planet-shaped spring toys and dangling bounce balls, satisfying their play cravings on this high-quality cat tree.

cat tower tree

🎀Luxurious Fluff Covering:  Embrace the softness of plush fabric, ensuring a gentle touch and effortless cleaning on every inch of this uniquely designed cat haven.

🎄 Durable Jute-Wrapped Pillars: Wrapped in premium jute rope, the pillars provide a robust and wear-resistant surface for your energetic cat's vigorous scratching sessions.

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