Cute Ceramic Pet Bowl with Cheese Shape

Color: Yellow


Size: 18*18cm

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  • Ceramics
Square(S): 11.3*11.3*5cm
Square(M): 18*18*6.5cm
Rectangular: 13.2*9.5*5.5cm


🧀 Creative Cheese Shape: Delight in the innovative design of this ceramic pet bowl, crafted in the charming shape of a block of cheese. The square, wide-mouthed design provides stability and ease of use.

ceramic pet bowl

🔥 High-Temperature Ceramic: Experience the quality of high-temperature-fired ceramic, guaranteeing durability and ease of cleaning. The thick and solid construction minimizes the risk of tipping, offering a reliable dining solution for your pet.

ceramic pet bowl

🍲 Smooth and Practical: The smooth and tight ceramic surface of the pet bowl prevents the formation of darkened chin fur. The curved bowl surface minimizes the hiding of food residues, ensuring a clean and hygienic dining space for your pet.

🥣 Versatile Capacity: The moderate capacity of the ceramic pet bowl caters to your cat's daily needs, accommodating water, food, snacks, and more. The cheese-shaped bowl is not just a creative design but also a functional solution for various requirements.

ceramic pet bowl

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