Dog Dress Up Dinosaur Mask

Style: Red

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Material: Emulsion


🦖Stretchy Latex Elegance: Unveil the magic of our dog toy, crafted from stretchy latex for long-lasting wear without fatigue. Perfect for all canine face shapes, this accessory brings out the playful side of your pet.

Dog Dress Up Dinosaur Mask

🎭Intimidating Canine Chic: Embrace the versatility of our dinosaur mask, where fashion meets functionality. With a texture reminiscent of granules and sharp-eyed detailing, it exudes a commanding presence. The adjustable size accommodates medium to large dogs, making this a must-have for lively role-playing.

🎃Feeding Fun with Style:Elevate mealtime with the ability to open the mouth for easy feeding. The granule-textured latex, paired with a fierce gaze and sharp teeth, adds an extra layer of charm, making your dog look both stylish and intimidating.

dog dress up mask

🐶Adjustable Swagger Statement: Experience the fun of our latex creation as it brings a touch of attitude to your dog's personality. The adjustable size ensures a perfect fit, making this accessory the ultimate statement piece for your canine companion.

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