Long Hair Collar Lace Dog Shirt

Size: 2XS


Color: Pink

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  • Polyester fiber
 Size Neck(cm) Back Length(cm) Bust(cm)
2XS 27 28 32-42
XS 29 33 35-50
S 35 40 43-55
M 45 52 50-65
L 55 64 60-80


👔 Personalized Dog Shirt: Our Long Hair Collar Lace Dog Shirt is tailored for both comfort and style. Featuring inspiring surface stripes and a warm fluffy interior, it's the perfect blend of fashion and coziness for your furry companion.

Long Hair Collar Lace Dog Shirt

🌟 Removable Furry Collar: Designed for convenience, the detachable furry collar adds an extra touch of elegance and warmth. Customize your pet's look with or without the collar for different occasions.

🏡 Home Comfort & Outdoor Style: This personalized dog shirt is perfect for lounging at home or making a fashion statement while out for a walk.

Long Hair Collar Lace Dog Shirt
🚿 Easy to Clean: For hassle-free maintenance, this personalized dog shirt is machine washable. Keeping it clean is easy; avoid direct sunlight exposure to maintain its vibrant colors and quality.

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