Mushroom Knot Dog Rope Toy

Color: Yellow

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Material:Plush, Cotton Rope

 Style Size Weight
Green 30*13cm 197g
Yellow 30*15cm 205g


🌈 Indestructible Design: Unveil our Durable Dog Rope Toy—an indestructible choice tailored for robust chewers, promising extended entertainment without wear and tear.

Mushroom Knot Dog Rope Toy1

🐾 Sturdy Chewer's Haven: Crafted for the toughest chewers, this sturdy and cute dog chew toy guarantees hours of play. It's the ultimate go-to for canine companions who love to chew.

🌟 Built-In Squeaker Excitement:Elevate playtime with the built-in squeaker, adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement. A perfect feature in this durable dog chew toy.

Mushroom Knot Dog Rope Toy3

🍄 Adorable Mushroom Designs: Choose between the delightful green and yellow mushroom designs, adding a charming touch to your dog's playtime and making it visually captivating.

🐶 Durability Meets Adorability: Our cute dog chew toys seamlessly blend durability with adorable designs, ensuring a delightful and long-lasting play experience for your furry friend.

Mushroom Knot Dog Rope Toy4

🎁 Versatile Gifting Option: Our durable dog chew toy is an ideal gift, tailored for big dogs who love to chew, tug, and play.

Mushroom Knot Dog Rope Toy2

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