Earth Zoo Pet Cooling Mat

Color: Green


Size: 53*53*5cm

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  • PVC woven fabric
  • Gel PP cotton
Outer diameter 60cm
Inner diameter 38cm


🐾Advanced Cooling Technology: Beat the heat with our pet cooling pad, featuring advanced cooling gel technology that evenly disperses heat.

🌟Premium Skin-Friendly Material: Crafted from premium materials, our pet cooling mat boasts a soft, skin-friendly surface with just the right amount of elasticity.

Earth Zoo Pet Cooling Mat 1
💧Waterproof and Stain-Resistant: The PVC-woven fabric is not only waterproof but also stain-resistant, making cleaning a hassle-free task.

☁️Pampering Pillow Edge: The cushioned pillow edge, filled with PP cotton, offers a plush and cozy resting spot for your pet. Additionally, the double-pressed edges provide durability for long-lasting use.

Earth Zoo Pet Cooling Mat 4
🌈Dual-Sided Design: Featuring prints on both sides, our pet cooling mat provides reversible style options, allowing your pet to freely roam and play in a spacious and comfortable area.

🍦Effortless Cleaning: Keeping the pet cooling mat fresh is easy—simply wipe down or spot clean, maintaining its cleanliness and comfort for your pet's enjoyment.

Earth Zoo Pet Cooling Mat 3
🌳Generous Play Space: With its ample size, our Earth Zoo Pet Cooling Mat offers abundant room for your pet to play and roll.

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