Elk Tent Dog Cave Beds

Size: S

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Size Measurement/cm
S 38*38cm ≤2.5kg
M 45*45cm ≤5kg
L 55*55cm ≤10kg
 XL 65*65cm ≤15kg


🌟 Spacious Comfort: Satisfy your dog's basic needs by providing a roomy and comfortable space for a sense of security and relaxation, promoting deep sleep.

Elk Tent Dog Cave Beds 1

🍃 Ultra-Soft Fiber Fabric: Crafted with finely woven fibers, creating micro-pores for an internal air layer that enhances insulation, ensuring optimal warmth in this washable dog bed.

🚿 Easy-Clean Interior: The durable washable dog bed features a washable inner chamber, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene, offering a fresh and inviting space for your furry friend.

Elk Pet Tent Bed4

🎨 Whimsical Top Decor: A playful top decoration not only adds a touch of feline self-amusement but also transforms the dog cave bed into a delightful playground, ensuring both durability and fun.

Elk Tent Dog Cave Beds 2

🌈 Adorable Aesthetic: The cute design seamlessly integrates with home decor, providing both a whimsical touch and essential wind resistance for added warmth, making it the perfect choice for a cozy and durable dog bed.

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