Frosted Automatic Pet Feeder

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Color: Green


Style: Feeding + Watering

Feeding + Watering
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Material: Food grade Polypropylene

Weight: 1.03kg

 Style Length Width Height
Feeding 32.6cm 17.2cm 21cm
Watering 32.6cm 17.2cm 20.5cm


🧀Seamless Care for Your Pet: Elevate feeding routines effortlessly with our all-in-one automatic pet food and water bowl dispenser combo.

🥑Clean Feeding Environment: Easily disassembled for thorough cleaning, ensuring a hygienic dining setting for your pet.

Frosted Automatic Pet Feeder5

🍎Fresh Food, Always Ready: The automatic pet food bowl stores up to 2.5L of food, offering your pet up to 15 days of nourishment.

🎀Tailored Hydration Solution: The pet water fountain adjusts water supply with a 3000ml reservoir, designed to match your pet's drinking needs.

🍋Visual Monitoring Made Simple: Transparent design lets you easily check food and water levels at a glance.

Frosted Automatic Pet Feeder6

🧩Health-Focused Design: Crafted from odor-free, food-grade PP material for your pet's well-being.

🥥Steady and Secure Feeding: Non-slip base ensures stability, while gravity-powered feeding keeps your pet satisfied.

Frosted Automatic Pet Feeder4

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