Jeans Plaid Dog Clothes Overalls

Color: Beige


Size: XS

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  • Cotton
Size  Bust(cm) Length(cm) Weight(kg)
XS 31 21 1.25-1.5
S 35 24 2-2.25
M 40 29 2.5-3.5
L 47 35 4.5-5.5
XL 51 39 6-7.5


Trendy Winter Style: Embrace the winter season with the Jeans Plaid Dog Clothes Overalls, ensuring your pup rocks a fashionable and cozy look.

🧥 Premium Quality: Elevate your furry friend's comfort with dog clothes overalls made from high-quality denim and plaid fabric, offering exceptional durability and warmth.

🌟 Fashionable Plaid Design: Enhance your pup's winter wardrobe with the stylish plaid pattern, adding a trendy and eye-catching element to their overall look.

🌬️ Protection and Coverage: Experience full-body coverage with the fashion dog clothes, providing warmth and protection against chilly winds, snow, and other winter elements.

🔘 Convenient and Adjustable Fit: Customize the fit for your pup effortlessly with adjustable straps and a buckle closure, ensuring a secure and comfortable wear.

❄️ Cozy and Comfortable: The soft and cozy fabric of the dog clothes overalls ensures your pup's comfort, allowing them to move freely and play in the snow with ease.

🎀 Functional Pockets: Elevate the practicality and style of the overalls with functional pockets, adding a touch of convenience to the overall design.

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